“I met Julian Tucker about a year ago at a football clinic our son was attending that was being conducted by his former Pop Warner football coach. Julian was working with the boys using plyometric training with the goal of increasing their power, speed and strength.

After watching the training for about an hour I was very impressed with Julian's knowledge of the program and the ways in which it helped to develop a better athlete. Over the next couple of months I watched Julian expand the program to include other training techniques designed to increase core strength, balance, speed and explosiveness. Julian has the ability to work well with teenagers and is able to explain things in a way that they understand and enjoy.

Our son is preparing to play football as a freshman this fall and we feel that the best way for him to become a better athlete is to work with Julian at his company Dual Threat Athletics. He has been working with Julian for about 3 months now and it is apparent that he is becoming a more complete athlete. He is quicker, stronger and faster than before and with each session I see his confidence growing.

Julian has established a great rapport with our son and will text him on off days to make sure that he is working every day to improve. There are a lot of personal trainers out there these days, but I think that for someone who wants to be a more complete athlete, Julian and Dual Threat Athletics is a great choice.”

-John Gray

“Knowledgeable staff with proven results. My son in less than a year has become bigger, stronger, faster, and his football IQ and emotional inteligence has skyrocketed!! He was named Co-Defensive Player of the year, and has many colleges looking at him in only his junior year. Looking forward to a great senior campaign, and love the motivation and competitiveness Dual Threat Athletics Provide! Thank you Coach Julian to you and all your staff! Expect Great Things!!”

-David Gonzalez

“Any program can teach the basics and condition the athletes. This program goes deep into the physical technique and the mental aspect of football. Coach Tucker and Coach Browm are training both of our sons to be better football players and to be better prepared for life's challenges.”

-Dave Gauthier

“Great camp to come and develop your most crucial skills. #DUALTHREAT”

-Javier Lewis